Light breeze… Light Scarfs…




This scarf is the perfect addition to any wardrobe – wear it out, wear it to work, snuggle up in it on the couch – we do. It’s light enough for the spring and fall, yet will keep your neck toasty warm in the winter. And in the summer, wear it as a sarong at the beach – we dare you.

This is a great gift for your mom, your best friend, the boss you want to impress, and of course, YOURSELF! Come on, you know you deserve it.

✔ Linen is much more stronger and glossy than cotton and it has antiallergic properties. Also itis resistant to static electric load. After each washing linen fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly.

✔ Linen fibre goes damp and dry very soon, that is why the fabric warms during cold night and cools the body during hot midday.

✔ Linen fabric makes the best microclimate for the skin of all fabrics, i.e. it is permeable to air, absorbs dampness and sweat very quickly.

✔ Linen fabric is ecological. It is absolutely without surplus product and does not make any harm to nature and ecology.

We suggest hand washing and air drying, but we’ll be honest, we throw ours in with the rest of the dirties and in the dryer too. The ink has been heat set, so it’s not going anywhere.

Fabric: 100% linen
Size: 27.6 in” (70 cm) wide x 63 in (160 cm) long (sewn)

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